The Entrepreneurships

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The Entrepreneurships


The EntrepreneurSHIPS – Part 1 | Which boat are you?

Siam discusses the different types of Entrepreneurships to help you decided which 'Ship' you are.

The EntrepreneurSHIPS – Part 2 | What you should do with your money according to which boat you are…

Depending on what 'Ship' you are will determine what you should do with your money.

The EntrepreneurSHIPS – Part 3 | Identifying the 2 most important financial numbers in your life

Calculating your 'A' and 'B' numbers is vitally important on your journey to financial freedom.

What type of boat are you? What type of boat is unlikely to get to their destination? | Are you a Boat or a Ship?

Boat or Ship? Siam talks through the differences so you can decide which applies to you.

Really Finding Your WHY? | Your Ship’s Mission…

In order to become a 'Ship', you need to find your 'Mission'!

The Only 3 Ways To Become Rich in a Time Efficient Manner | Your Ship’s Map…

You get to your destination of financial freedom, you'll need a map!

Discovering Your Critical A & B Numbers | Your Ship’s Destination…

Siam discusses the 'Destination', and why your A & B numbers are so important.

Morals, Ethics and Mentors | Your Ship’s Compass

Why mentors are so important and why it's important to always be ethical and have good morals in life, and in business.

Ensuring you have the correct method of propulsion to get to your Destination + Why getting a crew is paramount in getting your ship to the destination | Your Ship’s Sail/Engine and your Ship’s Crew…

This lessons explains why it's so important to focus on the right type of business for you, which will depend on your 'A' number.

Speaking the language that’s congruent to your Ship | Your Ship’s Language…

Siam teaches you the basic business language that you need to know before starting out.

Identifying that real wealth (Health, Happiness, Family, Time) will keep you going | Your Ship’s Supplies…

We learn that Money is just an enabler to allow you to gain true wealth, which is happiness, health, family and time.

Time to Step Up! | Your Ship’s Captain…

Siam goes through 10 traits that are required to run your business successfully.

The Different Types of Wealth Builder | Be the Captain for the Boat you’re aiming for

Siam takes you through the different types of 'Wealth Builders'.

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