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Time to draw a line in the sand and completely change your future

This lesson shows you what you need to do and/or change in order to change your future for the better.


8 Simple Steps To Attain Financial Independence!

We take you through 8 simple steps required to attain your financial independence. Don't be fooled however, while the steps are simple, they require hard work and dedication. You can do it!


The Demographic Spending Wave

How to avoid pending bust sectors whilst positioning yourself for the imminent booms.

The Business Sweet Spot

Find out what type of business would be best for you.

Choosing The Best Biz Model For You

We take you through many different types of business models and outline the pros and cons to help you decide what would work for you.

Some Biz Models To Avoid

In this lesson we go through various business models that, we believe, should be avoided when starting your business.

More Reasons To Avoid These Models

We continue to look at business models to avoid and outline more reasons for doing so.

Why You Should Ignore The Hype of These Models

Continuing to look at business models to avoid, we discuss why you should ignore the hype behind them.

This Is What You Should Focus On

We discuss what you need to focus on when starting a new business.

The New Biz Planner and Idiot Check Planner

We take you through our simple planning spreadsheets, which are available for you to download, to help clarify your product market fit.

Now Let’s Focus On The Idea

Now we know what to avoid, we take a look at some good ideas for a new business and the principles behind them.

The Idea Execution Folly!

We discuss why the execution is so much more important than the initial idea when in business.

In Our Opinion, The Best Model

We take you through what we believe to be the best business model for a new business and our reasoning behind our views.

Part 1 of 2: A Realistic Way To Start Up…

A really quick way to launch a potential business idea without spending lots of money. There's a LOT of information here. Don't let it overwhelm you. The WAP will help cement all the learning nuggets into your mind over time.

Part 2 of 2: A Realistic Way To Start Your Own Part Time Business Without Quitting Your Job…Yet

A really quick way to launch a potential business idea without spending lots of money. There's a LOT of information here. Don't let it overwhelm you. The WAP will help cement all the learning nuggets into your mind over time.

Two great biz sectors to focus on…

We pick two business sectors that would be great for any new business and we focus on discuss why.

How To Join The WAP Family & Properly Leap Frog Up Your Personal Net Worth…

We hope you're loving The WAP Trial. If you would like to join our family, this lesson explains how to do so which will allow you to access all of the content on offer to help you properly leap frog up your personal net worth!
If you've already joined The WAP, you're awesome and you can skip this lesson!

Random Business Nuggets

Rowing across the Atlantic solo and the importance of being a person of value

How the story of a house mum can really wake you up and change your mindset...

The Silliest Thing I’ve Ever Done in Business!

Siam talks a little about his fails, successes and the silliest thing he's done in business.

Thoughts on The Richest Man in Babylon | A timeless and helpful book!

We discuss how this book can provide some really useful business learning points.

The Painful Journey | Siam’s early days in biz…

Siam talks about how he went from being broke to financial independence within 4 years.

Why a friend with exactly the same knowledge ended up poor…

Why implementing is everything! And ignore your Habit Stack at your peril.

The inside view of an MLM

Most MLMs are scams. Few are good. And barely anyone ever makes decent money from them.

Lessons from some of my old failed projects

Please learn from my mistakes.

Why a luxury cat hotel surprised me

Discussion and learning points about a random niche that is high in demand in some areas.

Portfolio biz or Owner/Manager biz?

Siam talks about the difference between a Portfolio Business or an Owner/Manager Business. Don't make the same mistake he did!

Business Mistakes VLOG

A really interesting video blog about mistakes Siam has made in business.

How To Make Your Kids Better Investors & More Successful In Life!

A simple trick to do with your kids that can help them with their future in business!

My Rant on Get Rich Quick Schemes!

There are no shortcuts to wealth!

Why I don’t trust TAI LOPEZ…

Tai Lopez is hugely successful, but there is something about him that Siam doesn't trust...

What If I Had To Start All Over Again

Siam talks about his early days in business and what he would do if he had to start over.

The Compounding Interest Lie!

Compounding Interest is brilliant, but only when used correctly.


WAP Pitfall 1

It's not the car's fault, it's the driver.

WAP Pitfall 2

Ignore the service or product for now. Do the numbers actually work?

WAP Pitfall 3

Your idea/product may be ok but it needs to sit within it's own little ecosystem for it to be profitable.

WAP Pitfall 4

Pursuing an invention. Just don't!

LIVE WAP EXPERIMENT: Setting Up A New Biz Using Everything The WAP Teaches... #TheWAPworks!!!

WAP Experiment Part 1 – Time to put my money where my mouth is…

We are going to put ourselves in your boots and set up a new online biz from scratch… something completely non-related to my core skills of Investing or Trading etc… and we will bare all!
Will be fun!

WAP Experiment Part 2 – Selecting the biz idea with my set criteria…

Following on from the previous video, the new mini business we decided to do as a live project for the WAP had to follow our specific criteria.

WAP Experiment Part 3 – Going through the Idea and the Strategic Number stage for My Fairy Penpal…

Despite the initial hiccups, we're pretty darn sure that the new business will be chucking out £300 per month profit in no time at all!

WAP Experiment Part 4 – Costing it all up…

Continuing with the iPACMAN method, we’ve obviously got the idea by now and have done some really rough ballpark figures to see if it would work or not and also how many penpals we’d need to hit various targets. But we still needed to cost stuff up.

WAP Experiment Part 5 – The Biz Architecture…

Okay… so of iPACMAN, we’ve done the Idea, done the Planning (strategic numbers & costs). Now for the Architecture…

WAP Experiment Part 6 – The Biz Planner…

Today we talk about the Client Attraction Journey and the MASSIVE hiccup and fail we encountered!

WAP Experiment Part 7 – The Back-end!

Making our way through iPACMAN, we’re now onto Backend Infrastructure.

WAP Experiment Part 8 – The Lead Generation Stage…

We discuss the Lead Generation Phase. This is a very important topic!

WAP Experiment Part 9 – More Lead Gen lessons from this MFP mini-launch…

More Lead Generation discussion!

WAP Experiment Part 10 – Time to convert those leads!

This is how we aim to boost our conversions.

WAP Experiment Part 11 – Competitor research…

We take a look at a subscription box from another company in the same market to compare our products.

WAP Experiment Part 12 – Some stats from the ads campaign…

We analyse the stats from a Facebook ad campaign.

WAP Experiment Part 13 – Going through the costs once the dust has settled…

Now the business has been running for a little while we take a look at the costs do see exactly how we're doing.

WAP Experiment Part 14 – Further update on the marketing metrics and results…

An update on how the business is doing.

WAP Experiment Part 15 – MFP FB ad campaign walkthrough…

Siam takes you through the MFP Facebook ad campaign in detail.

WAP Experiment Part 16 – Hitting a MAJOR milestone!

Hitting a MAJOR Milestone with My Fairy Penpal!

The Kidd Creed

Giving my kids a positive mental scaffolding to grow upon...

Course Content

Random Business Nuggets
LIVE WAP EXPERIMENT: Setting Up A New Biz Using Everything The WAP Teaches... #TheWAPworks!!!

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