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People think this is the hurdle that’s stumbling them… but it really isn’t…


Crazy biz ideas. | And why you should normally ignore them and maintain your path to your B Number

Siam gives a few examples of some crazy business ideas he has seen ... and ignored!

Print on demand clothing? | A simple side hustle to cut your teeth on…

A simple, low risk business idea which would be great to learn the basics.

2 Crazy Biz ideas | This is more to probe the creative part of your business mind

Siam gives you two, not necessarily serious, business ideas that will hopefully get your creative ideas flowing!

Examples of successful micro-niche bizzes. | As the Yanks say, ‘There are riches in niches’

Siam looks at a few examples of niche businesses that have been successful.

Example of an info product to implement

Information products can sometimes be the easiest and most profitable ventures to set up. There is no stock, no money up front, high margin etc.

How To Know When To Abandon An Idea

Siam takes a look at a new business of a WAP Member and explains why you shouldn't give up on an idea too early.

Doing the numbers on a potential biz idea

Siam goes through the costs of a potential business idea. This is a long one, but is a must watch!

Still Stuck For Ideas?

This lesson explains why it's so important to understand online marketing and how knowing the basics can assist when deciding if your business idea will work

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