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How to follow through with your potential business idea...


My new biz pre-requisites. | These are mine, but you need to create your own so you keep on track

Siam's talks through his business pre-requisites with the aim of helping you come up with your own.

New biz feasibility checks! Part 1 | Absolutely crucial you go through these steps before doing anything!

Part 1 of Siam's new business feasibility checks

New biz feasibility checks – Part 2 | Please heed these checks

Part 2 of Siam's new business feasibility checks

The new biz planner | A simple spreadsheet to help clarify your product market fit

The WAP New Business Planner. Siam's takes you through how and why you should use it when starting a new business.

Why you need to AVOID being a Sole Trader! | You will save so much tax by being a LTD instead

Why registering as a Sole Trader isn't usually the best option.

Your Online Presence | An in-congruent online presence is an insidious way to lose sales

Having an online presents for your business is vital, no matter your target audience.

Business Card Key Tips | Don’t commit the mortal sins of Biz Cards!

When networking, the right business card is crucial for leaving a good impression on a potential new customer. Siam gives his views on what makes a good business card.

Phones, Emails and Print Tips | You don’t need fancy stationary. Just nail the basics of your biz answering phone call and emails promptly by a Human!

You don't need extravagant extras for your business to succeed, but you do need to nail the basics!

Client Relationship Manager Automation | This is how you can run and scale your business on Autopilot

Using a CRM to manage your clients is essential. Combing with automation software to automate your processes will help your business grow.

Biz Set Up Immediate Actions Part 1/2 | Do as many of these in PARALLEL not SEQUENTIAL…

Business Set Up Immediate Actions - Part 1

Biz Set Up Immediate Actions Part 2/2 | Don’t skip these steps!

Business Set Up Immediate Actions - Part 2

How to LAUNCH your new biz! | How you launch your business is critical to your success in Year 1…

Tips on what to do when first launching your business, as that first year is critical to your future success.

Testing Your Biz Idea!

Siam explains how using surveys to test your ideas before you go to market will help with setting up your new business

Get Paid To Build Your Product

You don't need to have a complete product before you launch your business! Siam explains how he released small sections of content to new customers then developed that content based on feedback.

What You Should Do When Setting Up Your Business

Important first steps when setting up your business.

Consistently Execute The Pure Basics

If you do not get the basics right, your business is not going to succeed.

Some Simple Tips

Siam provides some simple tips to help with any new business.

Doing Joint Ventures properly | How to approach partners properly for JVs

How to set up a Joint Venture (JV) the correct way.

Bulletproofing Your Biz

A quick video with a few tips on how to bulletproof your business.

My Top 5 Business Books of All Time

Siam discusses his top 5 Business Books.

Strategy in Business is Bullshit! Well, long term biz plans anyway…

Siam shares his opinions as to why he believes long term business plans are not necessarily required when starting a new business.

When to know to pivot your biz

Knowing when to pivot your business is crucial for long term success.

The Demographic Cliff and which industries are about to implode or boom! | Demographics rule everything!

Siam explains why demographic trends are so important within business

The 7 Stages of Civilisation and why we are at the final stage before a reset. | From the Romans to the Spanish to us now…

A very informative look into history and the 7 stages of Civilisation relating to finances and why Siam believes why we are due a reset.

Disproportionate Effects

Another quick video explaining why understand Disproportionate Effects is so important.

Is Your Operating System Defunct?

Everyone experiences some type of 'mental funk' at some point which causes issues with purpose or drive within business. Siam explains what happens when he has been through this.

Knowledge Springs

You need to uncoil your 'Mental Sprint' to expand your knowledge!

Red Card Drills

Determine the critical systems in your business and make sure you have actions in place for when things go wrong!

If you need video, use your phone to begin with

When starting out you don't need a professional videography setup. Perfection is a killer!

Phone Sabotage

If your customers can't contact you easily, they will go elsewhere.

Struggling with Crazy Money or Biz Problems

Yes, money is important, but it's not the most important thing in life.

11 Dilemmas for Business owners

Siam talks about 11 dilemmas that business owners face.

Is your business idea something that can thrive without an ecosystem?

You need to check that your business will work in the ecosystem where you're launching it!

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