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There are many different business models, this course will give more details on what you should and shouldn’t be focusing on for your new business.


The SISSEN Model | Understanding the different stages of your new biz…

Start-up / Improve / Systemise / Scale / Exit? / Next?

The 4 Main Biz Sectors | And why you should always avoid the Misery Sector!

Siam takes you through the 4 main business sectors.

11 Potential Biz Models | Some to avoid and some to focus on…

Potential business ideas for your new venture, those you should go for, and those you shouldn't!

What type of biz you need to avoid to begin with. Part 1. | Why setting up a J curve biz will hurt you…

Siam explains what types of business to avoid and why you should specifically avoid a J-Curve business model.

What type of biz you need to avoid to begin with. Part 2. | Avoid Inventions and don’t get sucked up into the Amazon fad

More businesses to avoid and why you shouldn't get sucked into the hype of setting up an Amazon based business.

The Podcasting/Blog/YouTuber Myth | Why it takes YEARS to monetise one of these businesses!

Why setting up a Podcasting/blog/YouTube business isn't necessarily as good as it seems when starting a new business.

What type of biz to do first. | It’s all about immediate positive cash flow ASAP!

You need cashflow as soon as possible when starting a new business. We discuss the best types of business to do first.

Low price, high margin, high volume, subscription based. | The best model to sell for for 10-20 times profit

The best business models for when it comes to selling your business for the best possible price.

Exploring 4 simple biz models to launch quickly. | And why a family friend is going about this the wrong way

Simple business models that will accelerate launching your new business. And Siam shares his tales of why a family friend is going about this process in the wrong way.

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