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The WAP is simply an amalgamation of Siam’s experience/hind-sight from setting up/buying over 15 businesses over the last 10 years as well as the 250 books he’s listened to in this time-frame. We hope you learn an incredible amount of new knowledge here! Enjoy!

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Recordings of Live Wealth Generation Social Chats / Ask Me Anything Sessions

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Setting Up Your Website & Emails


The WAP ‘Copywriting That Converts’ Course

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Effective Online & Offline Marketing

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The 5 Languages Of Love & How to Understand and Deal with People Better

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Trading The Markets SAFELY!

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The THIRD Industrial Revolution

For WAP Members

Ignore The Bigger Picture At Your Peril!

The Wealth Action Plan

Teaching and Sharing the best ways to grow yourself and your finances

About The Wealth Action Plan

The Wealth Action Plan (WAP) is a premium community that offers courses, resources and tools to help our members get from where they are now, to where they want to be.

Our courses and guides cover everything from personal finance to starting your own business. Our aim is to get our WAPPERS starting their own businesses and employing 4 or more staff.

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